Why I hate to talk to people (EXPLAINED WITH MS PAINT)

My name is Peter and I hate talking to people. You might say, “Why, it’s great?” I don’t know about that. I feel like most people start conversations to get something and rarely do they actually want to share any type of connection. They are looking for something in you, attention, emotion, interest, or want to make themselves feel a certain way. Is that always the case? Nope, but it seems like it is quite a bit.

This is my energy for dealing with people.


It’s not a lot and depletes rather quickly. So let’s say I get into a conversation with someone.


If I feel like the person is just talking to talk and they don’t really care about me, I listen, deal with it, but by the end, I’m like here energy wise.


well as the day goes on


I’m on empty


and the only way to recharge my energy is to be alone


in seclusion and relax. Sure, I think about things too much, but the real problem is, I don’t try to get things from people. I don’t talk to get a person to have sex with me or make me feel good or show me attention. So in those interactions, I feel like I am being taken from without getting anything back. Then I feel guilty and start to think.


For being reserved and removed. I get my energy back up and go out into the world and try to be nice and talk to people.


Franklin the Frog


I like Craigslist. I like to check it and see if perchance I can procure through purchase a pearl, a bobble of some kind in which I might find interest. I have, however, never once bought something off Craigslists. I still check every day and every day for the past two years I have seen Franklin the Frog


I thought it was an interesting item at first. I had a vague memory of Alice in Wonderland. I thought I remembered this toad butler from my youth. However, over the months, as Franklin the Frog continued to refresh to the top of my local Craigslist, I got an eerie feeling.

Through research, I discovered the frog butler I was thinking of was named Mr. Toad and was indeed a different butler than Franklin.

Who is Franklin the Frog?


Where did he come from? What is his intent in this world? I see him though, every day, looking at me with his hand on his hip, condescending and speculative. I owe you nothing, Franklin the Frog. Do not judge me, with those black calculated eyes.


I’m sick

I’m really sick and when I get sick, I start to think of the possible causes of my sickness (an entire body ache, fever, vomiting).

Possible Causes within the past week

1. Used a random girl’s inhaler.

2. Bought a blanket at a thrift store.

3. Day before I got sick, I ate four roasted chicken legs that I marinated with various spices (cinnamon being one of them) and then took a three hour nap.

4. Woke up to my dog licking the inside of my mouth.

5. Had a ten minute conversation with someone that spent the night in the hospital.

6. Drank a glass of rejuvelac (made from fermented wheat berries) that tastes like old cheese.

7. Got a free small wheel of Camembert cheese, ate 3/4 of it rind and all.

8. Had a random thought about getting sick.

9. Blew a harmonica I have.

10. Let a cat rub its face in my face.

11. Shook some guys hand at the gas station (probably biggest mistake of all).

Going back to sleep. Ok bye.


Not like many people have been wondering where I have been, but, the answer is…crochet and anime.

Not particularly cool or interesting but for the past two months I have been watching nonstop anime and crocheting like a mother f**ker.


So it’s like 



and then

(notice how I am too lazy to actually take a picture of anything I have done)



and then some good old ddp yoga



Quite the exciting life.

Lately I am really into new japan pro wrestling




My work ethic is amazin’.


In all seriousness, I finished writing a book about a month ago and have begun working on a story called ‘Isolation’ about a young man named Noble Keller and his possible self destruction.  Eh, I’ll pound it out and put it in the pile.






The Wizard’s Book, Faulkner, Game of Thrones, my stuff

Hey Goobers,


This week, my story The Wizard’s Book is free on amazon for kindle.



It’s a funny book. I wrote it to be the worst thing ever written, but since it is supposed to be bad, I’m not sure if the satire makes it come back around and become good again. Lots of easter eggs, references, jokes, and ridiculousness as Tim, Ludus and Clare travel around the world looking for wizards, good books, etc, through deus ex machina and luck.  Check it out for FREE if you want.


Now that I am ‘retired’ for the time being, I have lots of time



and I pretty much just spend it thinking about money. I go to thrift shops more often. I found a nice copy of Sartoris by Faulkner, the one book of his I was missing. I don’t know when I’ll get around to reading it. I still think his best story was ‘the bear’.



The Bear, by William Faulkner


So #GOT #GameOfThrones

everyone is so pumped up. It’s a good show, but I am more into Hannibal. I don’t know but for some reason eating people is just so taboo– I can’t look away. I definitely spend way too much time watching T.V. I don’t have to hunt though, so I might as well. Volunteering would be a better Idea.


Thursday someone slept over at my place and when I woke up, all my butter was gone.


I don’t know how to feel about that. I mean on one hand, dat’s my butter,  you know how much I love butter?


a lot. But I’m more intrigued by the mystery as everyone is claiming they had nothing to do with it. I guess no one wants to admit they threw down 3 sticks of butter.


If you need to ask me any questions you can msg me or follow me @realPeterBlack on twitter


I’m still looking for new poems to listen to on youtube or soundcloud, so you can subscribe to my channel or send me the link to yours so I can check out what you are doing.  Youtube!

I hope everyone has a great weekend

See you all next week.



3/28 – 4/1 A whole damn chicken, dying great uncle, sprouting stuff, A single day


My great uncle is going to die soon. It’s sort of a sad subject, death. I mean, nothing is worse than watching some one slowly die. I have seen 4 people just waste away in my life, it is horrible. I think when I get to be about 75-80, if I’m so ‘lucky’ if I ever feel myself getting ready to go, I’m going to go into the woods and let raccoons eat me.

When you look into a person’s eyes and see the fear, the fear of what comes next or does not come, and the desperate hand trying to hold onto life, it just shakes your guts up. Not much you can do about it though. There is life and there is death. Things are and later they are not.


A few days ago I got a Sam’s club Rotisserie Chicken and put it in the fridge with the intent of eating some while I watched wrestling, like a good American is supposed to. I told my brother, ‘Hey I got a rotisserie chicken.’

He said, ‘cool.’

I went out and came back twenty minutes later. It was half gone. He ate the best parts. I was like, ‘Damn, okay, but at least there is something for me.’

Ten minutes later I see him eating the other half. ‘Why the fk do you think it is okay to eat a whole god damned rotisserie chicken?’

‘I thought you didn’t want any.’

…What else can I say.



I am getting into sprouting stuff. I am sprouting some flax and making some rejuvelac  (a fermented drink that is supposed to be good for your digestion). Not that anyone cares, but I am getting deep into the sprouting life, soon I will not be able to come back. These small seeds and berries are my life now, I need them.



My book ‘A SINGLE DAY’ is free this week.



This is the book about a family ready to fall apart. The story isn’t the final dramatic moment, just what is happening right before that point, with interweaving stories taking place over one single day.



I’m going to have a busy week, because my great uncle really does look like he is gone. So, if you need to contact me, just throw me a msg on twitter. BTW I’m not really close to my uncle, so no need to throw out any condolences.